Coloured Skip Bins!

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Once upon a time, someone asked me why I had skip bins painted.


On the surface, it seems like a terrible idea. Or a waste of paint and money. After all, they’re containers for garbage and debris. No one is going to be looking at them for any length of time. Why bother giving them pretty colours or a nice paint job?


Sure, skip bins aren’t going to be works of art. Sure, in many instances, they’re going to get banged up and damaged. That doesn’t mean they can’t look nice.


Well, I have some ideas that run contrary to that.


There’s one practical reason to paint skip bins, especially in bright colours. It makes them easier to see, even in the dark. Do you ever wonder why airport personnel out on the runway wear those gaudy orange jackets? It’s so pilots can see them easily, even from the cockpit.


The same principle applies to brightly-coloured anything. They’re easier to spot; the colour makes them stand out even if you’re not looking for them. This makes my bins noticeable, even on a busy day.


Having my logo painted on the bins is just advertising.


I want people to know who the containers came from, and who they can call if they need more. And having them painted on just leads to a better visual than a sticker. They’re also harder to remove, even if they do fade over the years.


The right colour can lead to an effect on the mood.


If we use provocative colours, that could be bad. It could give people a negative feeling that gets associated, even at a subconscious level, on my services. Something calm and soothing, or at least neutral, is a good idea.


I find that if they’re brightly-coloured, people feel more comfortable using them. They’re more inviting, less likely to make you think of what’s in there and your urge to avoid it.


Finally, having painted colours are just better to look at.


Honestly, if something looks off or strange, you spend more time looking at it. While this might be good for some, I don’t think it works for skip bins. You want them durable and easy to find when you need them. Folks don’t usually want them to be curiosities that make them stop and stare.


Of course, an easier way to get colours on bins is just to have them be in the right colours from the start. Most containers are made out of durable materials that can be coloured in production, so they don’t fade. So these days, I mostly have old bins or ones that have faded painted.


For those jobs, I count on the to handle the job. They’re not sure what to make of it, but they’re professional about it and get the job done.


I had them paint the interior of my home once, too. They’re good at their job and do a quality job. The only real issue I have is they don’t paint cars, but that’s a minor thing.